Your home can be so much more - Windows can really transform your home.

s a major financial investment for your home, here at South West Windows there is a vast choice of window styles to suit every customers needs.

Windows have the obvious role of letting in light, protecting you from the elements, reducing heat loss and noise, keeping you safe and secure. However, the other important role that windows play is the overall visual impression of your home. A change in window style and design really can transform the whole appearance.


Bear in mind, that at South West Windows we have an extensive selection of designs to choose from and are also able to offer bespoke made to order designs. Just call us and we will do our very best to meet your needs.

Differing opening options and glass designs allow for total individuality and everything can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. South West Windows use only the best materials and all products are manufactured in line with the latest window technology complying with recognised industry standards of quality and performance.

Argon Gas Sealed Glass Units

Modern double glazed windows are no longer just two layers of glass in a frame, installing high performance, gas-filled glass units is a home improvement project that will make a homes more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Why? Because filling the space between the glass panes with gasses such as argon minimizes the convection currents within the space. That reduces the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the house. The union of gas and glass firmly stands together to block harmful ultraviolet sunrays and heat transfer, which are major causes of high-energy costs, faded flooring and condensation build-up.

Q. How does the gas in these windows like Argon gas sealed  units provide all of these benefits?

Because gas-filled sealed glass units are better at resisting heat flow and better at insulating, giving them a lower U-factor. * Gas-filled sealed glass units have significantly lower u-factors, thereby reducing energy costs. They also make the home more comfortable by reducing the amount of solar radiation coming through the glass in hot climates, while maintaining a higher interior temperature during winter.The higher temperature of the interior glass surface also reduces frost and condensation.

Gas sealed glass units vs Multi-Paned Windows

Most multi-paned windows are filled with air or flushed with dry nitrogen prior to sealing. This creates a high level of conduction within the panes and a low level of insulation, which makes them lose valuable heat in cold climates, and generate unwanted heat in warm weather.

* Insulation is measured in U-Values, the lower the figure the better the insulation.

There are various components used in the construction of double glazed units to obtain the required U-Values. Clear Glass, Emissivity glass, inert insulating gases and spacer between the glasses.

Single glazing has a U-Value of 5.4

Gas filled cavity windows can have U values as low as 1.2

Super Spacer.

A Super Spacer window will help keep your home warmer- and your energy costs lower. Unlike conventional double glazing, windows fitted with Super Spacer between the two panes of glass actively block heat in, where most energy loss normally occurs.

By fitting Super Spacer Energy Saving Recommended windows could help up save up to £150 a year on your bills. Plus it can save your household around three quarters of a tonne of Co2 a year - about the same as not driving your car for three months!

Super Spacer can also reduce condensation by up to 70% - virtually eliminating mould growth and bacteria that it can lead to.